The Profundity and Bifurcation of Change Part 1: Laying the Groundwork

by Alex Bennet and David Bennet with Arthur Shelley, Theresa Bullard, and John Lewis

This book lays the groundwork for the Intelligent Social Change Journey (ISCJ), a developmental journey of the body, mind and heart, moving from the heaviness of cause-and-effect linear extrapolations, to the fluidity of co-evolving with our environment, to the lightness of breathing our thought and feelings into reality. Grounded in development of our mental faculties, these are phase changes, each building on and expanding previous learning in our movement toward intelligent activity. As we lay the groundwork, we move through the concepts of change, knowledge, forces, self and consciousness. Then, recognizing that we are holistic beings, we provide a baseline model for individual change from within.


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