REMEMBRANCE: Pathways to Expanded Learning with Music and Metamusic®

     by Barbara Bullard and Alex Bennet (2013)

Take a journey of discovery into the last great frontier—the human mind/brain, an instrument of amazing flexibility and plasticity. This eBook is written for brain users who are intent on mining more of the golden possibilities that lie inherent in each of our unique brains. Begin by discovering the role positive attitudes play in learning, and the power of self affirmations and visualizations. Then explore the use of brain wave entrainment mixed with designer music called Metamusic® to achieve enhanced learning states. Join students of all ages who are creating magical learning outcomes using music and Metamusic.® AVAILABLE as an eBook (Kindle) FROM AMAZON


“Bennet and Bullard answer many of the questions that I have heard time and time again about using music, Metamusic® and Hemi-sync® to enhance focus and to improve memory retention and recall. The clarity of their answers, the depth of their knowledge, the scope of their research and the emotional appeal of the gathered testimonials are excellent. This book is a superior resource: get it!” – J.S. Epperson


“Such A very well written compelling book! Its really insightful and gives very good examples accordinly to each chapter. I recommend it.” – Malorie Banish

“This book is completely life changing … I will continue to refer back to it for the rest of my life as a positive tool for inner growth. It is amazing what your brain can ahieve! This book is an amazing way to get started on a better you!” – Jorgelina

“Remembrance is an impressive book that has high quality of content. If I were to become a professor I would utilize the book as a required reading source. I cannot see the book as optional but one that would be considered a mandatory reading book for a class.” – Eagle


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