Patterns in the Myst

Patterns in the Myst (Vol. 2 of The Myst Series)

     by Alex Bennet and David Bennet (2013)

The Journey into the Myst was just the beginning for Drs. Alex and David Bennet. Volume II of the Myst Series brings Science into the Spiritual experience, bringing to bear what the Bennets have learned through their research and educational experiences in physics, neuroscience, human systems, Knowledge Management and human development. Embracing the paralogical, patterns in the Myst are observed, felt, interpreted, analyzed and compared in terms of their physical make-up, non-randomness, intelligent sources and potential implications. Along the way, the Bennets were provided amazing pictures reflecting the forming of the Myst. The Bennets shift to introspection in the third volume of the series to explore the continuing impact of the Myst experience on the human psyche. AVAILABLE as an eBook (Kindle) FROM AMAZON


“We have read both The Journey into The Myst and this sequel expansion of that information into scientific observation and facts. Let me explain how we became involved and why this book is so key to learning how The Myst forms. We met the Bennets just after they opened The Inn at Mountain Quest in the early 2000s and they are the last scientific minded couple anyone would expect to encounter non-random interaction with energy and embrace it as a connection to phenomena in which they interact regularly in the presence of many others. We first experienced The Myst when Alex asked us if we were interested in shooting some photos of it. Although we were skeptical, within the first few shots of her camera, two of us experienced seeing The Myst swirl around her camera, us, the farmyard and the cold night air. … This book shows familiar patterns encountered, and elaborates on our understanding more about The Myst through scientific evaluation, knowledge comparison, and very well documented photos of evidence. Our minds may tend to believe a wonderful tale through our love of storytelling but this book answers our getting back to logical questions of whether The Myst is for real and a scientifically documented truth. Patterns in the Myst has an abundance of answers to any questions on The Myst formation and facts about its existence.” – Jeff Morehead


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