Knowledge Mobilization


Knowledge Mobilization in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Moving from Research to Action

     by Alex Bennet and David Bennet (2007), available in hard and soft formats from Amazon.

This book takes the reader from the University lab to the playgrounds of communities. It shows how to integrate, move and use knowledge, an action journey within an identified action space that is called knowledge mobilization. Whether knowledge is mobilized through an individual, organization, community or nation, it becomes a powerful asset creating a synergy and focus that brings forth the best of action and values. Individuals and teams who can envision, feel, create and apply this power are the true leaders of tomorrow. When we can mobilize knowledge for the greater good humanity will have left the information age and entered the age of knowledge, ultimately leading to compassion and—hopefully—wisdom. AVAILABLE as an eBook (Kindle and PDF) FROM AMAZON


“In the decisive quest for global environmental and social balance, ignorance–in the form of intolerance, superstition, dogmatism and self-denial patterns–is the worst liability, and knowledge mobilization–in the form of transparency, public awareness, community action, social innovation and international reorganization–the best asset.  Major landmarks in human history may well be described as transcendent knowledge mobilizations.  Perhaps the most transcendent knowledge mobilization so far, and the first of a global scale, is required right now.” 

 — Francisco Javier Carrillo, Professor of Knowledge Systems and Chairman of The World Capital Institute.

Knowledge mobilization is a powerful methodology that can unlock the hidden value creation potential of a community or an organization.  This book is essential for all communities and organizations that want to increase their competitiveness in an effective and sustainable way.“

— Milton Correia de Sousa, Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação.

Book Reviewer, William Sheridan concludes, “This book is a rare source of insights and intelligence. This review can only highlight some of them. To really

experience the meaning of “knowledge mobilization” you have to read the book. If social change is your goal, you can’t do better than to start here.”


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