Journey Into the Myst

The Journey into the Myst (Vol. 1 of The Myst Series)

     by Alex Bennet and David Bennet (2012)

What we are about to tell you would have been quite unbelievable to me before this journey began. It is not a story of the reality either of us has known for well over our 60 and 70 years of age, but rather, the reality of dreams and fairytales.” This is the true story of a sequence of events that happened at Mountain Quest Institute, situated in a high valley of the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. The story begins with a miracle, expanding into the capture and cataloging of thousands of pictures of electromagnetic spheres widely known as “orbs.” This joyous experience became an exploration into the unknown with the emergence of what the author’s fondly call the Myst, the forming and shaping of non-random patterns such as human faces, angels and animals. As this phenomenon unfolds, you will discover how the Drs. Alex and David Bennet began to observe and interact with the Myst. This book shares the beginning of an extraordinary Journey into the Myst. AVAILABLE as an eBook (Kindle) FROM AMAZON


“May your journey to wholeness, joy and the fullness of life be graced by reading the Myst-Art (series) and visiting Mountain Quest Inn and Institute in Frost, WV. Yes, this land that has been nurtured by Alex and David Bennet is “almost heaven” and shares with us access to how life works experiencing Myst-Art. There is a love not of this world that we can connect to and experience with one another. … P.S. Alex and David are both national treasures and extraordinary in their contribution to implementing large scale change …” – Tamara Stuchlak

“Alex and David are remarkable people and I urge everyone to read this book and visit the farm in west Virginia. Open your mind and soul to mystic possibilities and be enriched and enlightened.
Read the book !! It’s. All true! These are down to earth real folks who are telling about a very sacred spot on the earth !! Mountain Quest is glorious !” – Nina Mulè Lyons

In Alex and David’s book, THE JOURNEY INTO THE MYST, David Bennet offers some scientific explanations for this metaphysical phenomenon, strange mists which are proved to be sentient and playful, but I am more in resonance with Alex’s personal, and spiritual experiences with them … This book is delightful and informative, and opens doors in your mind and heart.” –Nancy McKinney


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