Expanding the Self: The Intelligent Complex Adaptive Learning System

     by David Bennet, Alex Bennet and Robert Turner (2015)

We live in unprecedented times; indeed, turbulent times that can arguably be defined as ushering humanity into a new Golden Age, offering the opportunity to embrace new ways of learning and living in a globally and collaboratively entangled connectedness (Bennet & Bennet, 2007). In this shifting and dynamic environment, life demands accelerated cycles of learning experiences. Fortunately, we as a humanity have begun to look within ourselves to better understand the way our mind/brain operates, the amazing qualities of the body that power our thoughts and feelings, and the reciprocal loops as those thoughts and feelings change our physical structure. This emerging knowledge begs us to relook and rethink what we know about learning, providing a new starting point to expand toward the future.

This book is a treasure for those interested in how recent findings in neuroscience impact learning. The result of this work is an expanding experiential learning model  call the Intelligent Complex Adaptive Learning System, adding the fifth mode of social engagement  to Kolb’s concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation, with the five modes undergirded by the power of Self. A significant conclusion is that should they desire, adults have much more control over their learning than they may realize.


This book will change your life, how you see the world and you role in it. It begins with creating the foundations of your capabilities and knowledge, works through a wider range of latest research on aspects of learning and development including how new neuroscience understandings informs learning. … Their new ICALS (Intelligent Complex Adaptive Learning System) model provides a practical experiential approach to lifelong learning that enables those who adopt and apply it to Expand the Self. … Do yourself a favour, buy this book. Read, digest, reflect, socialise the concepts with your fellow learners and enjoy the development of your own capabilities and accelerated success in whatever you chose to apply the concepts to. – The Owl


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